Invoice Finance Enables Haulage Business To Utilise Full Fleet

How can Invoice Finance help businesses maximise their assets?

This case study shows how Breadalbane Finance helped a transport business negotiate an Invoice Finance facility to ensure that it could remove daily cash-flow distractions and keep up with the growing demand for its services.


“…all the cash was tied up in unpaid invoices”

The owner of an expanding haulage business came to us after they had been struggling with cash- flow. They were well connected locally, primarily covering Belfast, Antrim and Down. These connections had allowed them to pick up additional contracts and to keep up with this demand, they had grown their fleet of lorries from two to five over a short time. The increase in work had created much higher day to day outgoings (maintenance, wages, fuel etc) but all the cash was tied up in unpaid invoices. This resulted in the business having to turn down new work and keep two of their tractor units idle until invoices were paid.


  • A cash-flow facility was needed quickly to get the full fleet running again
  • The client’s bank had a Debenture registered against the business but had turned down a request to provide an overdraft facility.
  • Due to the ongoing cash-flow pressures, the management was unable to run the business efficiently or focus on developing further business opportunities.


  • After looking at the sales ledger, financial information and future projections, Breadalbane Finance chose the Invoice Finance funder that was the best fit.
  • We assisted in negotiating a competitively priced facility with flexible customer credit limits and a high advance level of 90%.
  • Breadalbane worked with the client’s bank to ensure that the Invoice Finance provider could also take a Debenture over the business without it affecting the existing relationship.


  • The Haulier was able to draw down 90% of all outstanding invoices, instantly solving their cash-flow problem.
  • Both trucks that were previously held back were returned to work straight away.
  • Management could look forward to growing the business knowing they would have the funding via the Invoice Finance facility to assist them.

What the Client Said

“Breadalbane Finance successfully managed the negotiations with both our Invoice Finance provider and our Bank, ensuring we achieved a positive outcome for the cash-flow of our business”

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